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I'm Lauren McMenemy, and I write.

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You've no doubt reached this site because you came across me somewhere, be it social media, writing communities or in a business context. I'm all over the place. No, really. I have fingers in loads of pies. This site - a glorified web page, honestly - is to help you identify what I do, and where you can go to discover more. Because all of those pies live in an awful lot of different places, and it can get confusing, even for me.

I work with words. I'm a content marketer, a brand journalist, a business communicator. I'm an editor and a proofreader. I'm a content strategist and I help you to find and engage an audience. I also write for myself: newsletters and blogs covering a range of topics. I even write fiction - gothic horror, mainly.

But that's not all. I love supporting and nurturing talent in others, too, and work as a creative coach, mentor and trainer for both businesses and writers of all stripes.

The nitty gritty.

Yes, OK, that's all well and good. But seriously, McMenemy, where can you be found?
Oh, thanks for asking. That'd be these places.

Show Up For Your Story

A new six-month programme established by two writers with plenty of first-hand experience with the dreaded inner critic. We’ve built the kind of programme we wish we had access to when setting out: it features troubleshooting and group coaching; journalling with practical ways to overcome your inner critic and feel great about your work; critiques and feedback sessions; advice and support on building your author profiles; and a vibrant online community full of people cheering you towards your writing dreams. Come on a writing adventure with us…

How To Be Self(ish)

A Substack newsletter started in January 2021, tracking my journey towards making myself my own priority. This is my main outlet right now, while I recover from workaholic burnout.

The Content Type

I am a storyteller and content strategist with more than 20 years experience in various content fields. Whether it’s writing articles as a one-off or an ongoing consultancy, advising on the best way to build an audience through content, or providing editorial leadership to ensure best practice with content creation. Currently on sabbatical until Q2 2021.


The place where my fiction world lives. Everything you want to know about my creative writing, from what I'm up to, to where I've been published, and what I'm thinking.

The Society of Ink Slingers

A (not so) secret project, the Ink Slingers will be my vehicle for coaching, mentoring and training creatives, especially writers. Watch this space!

Adventures in Pop Culture

We are obsessed with pop culture, and we publish personal essays. That means in these pages you’ll find opinion, news and reviews, of course, but also reminiscences and explorations. We want to explore beyond the critique and delve into what pop culture really means to us as contributors and consumers. Everything is subjective; this site is full of bias.

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